NDS Two New Reviews

We've become a little star struck here at DS-x2 after spending the weekend at the cinema. Coincidentally both movies have corresponding games so it seemed logical that we should also review them.

This is the second big screen outing for the Incredible Hulk after the rather disappointing Ang Lee outing of a few years ago. On the face of it the franchise has everything to make for a great movie tie-in including mayhem and destruction not to mention large green, angry leads who are generally misunderstood by society. How did all this turn out though when the developers attempt to produce a DS version? You can see what Andrew thought of it all now by reading his review of Incredible Hulk for the NDS.

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures should need little introduction and the man with the hat is indeed back. Rather than base a game on the new movie though the developers have delved into the original trilogy for inspiration here. Andrew is, again, the man with the answers with his review of LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures for the NDS .

Posted on 26-06-2008 by Andrew


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