NDS Super Speed Machines - Screenshots

For some reason, these screenshots of Super Speed Machines never reached our database. Just in time for the July release, 10 screenshots of the Micro Machines or Ignition look-a-like.

At last : a super fast and ultra cool racing game for the Nintendo DS! Once you've made your profile you've got some difficult decisions to make : will you go for a heavy-weight muscle car, an all-terrain rally car, or a modified classic? What kind of paint job will you select? Don't forget that looking cool is all part of the fun! Will you go straight for a Grand Prix or should you put some Practice in first? Whatever you choose, the action will be frantic, the competition mean and the hazards numerous. Sounds just perfect to me!


  • Over 30 vehicles to race, including Rally, 4x4, Sports, Muscle, Custom and Classic cars.
  • New vehicles and add-ons to unlock as you progress.
  • Hugely diverse track themes including races in jungles, deserts, polar caps, canyons, coastlines, islands, ruins, and modern-day sprawling cities.
  • You control the location and severity of the hazards along the route.
  • Grand Prix, Single Race, Tournament and Practice modes.
  • Multiplayer modes for 2-4 players with one game card.
  • Classic top-down arcade racing
Posted on 23-06-2008 by Dennis


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