NDS SEGA Brings Two Anime Titles To Nintendo DS

Anime has been increasing in popularity over time, and SEGA noticed that. Hence why the company has announced the release of two titles based on animated series.

First up is Bleach: Dark Souls, the next Bleach game coming to the Nintendo DS from famed developer Treasure. This new Bleach title features its own exclusive storyline that contains events that take place in between season's one and two of the animated series currently running on Adult Swim. With over 40 characters to choose from Bleach: Dark Souls is the biggest Bleach video game to date.

Second comes Dinosaur King, based off an animated series that will be returning for its second season on the CW network. You play as either Rex or Max two righteous kids with the mission to foil the plans of the evil Z team as they travel around the globe bringing dinosaur fossils back to life for nefarious reasons. Dinosaur King is an original SEGA property that began life in the Arcades of Japan. Now it's making its Nintendo DS debut in this awesome RPG that's set to take you into the world of dinosaurs and epic dino battles.

Posted on 10-05-2008 by Dennis


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