WII Two New Reviews

Two new reviews have been added to our database. If you're interested in what Andy thinks about Asterix At The Olympic Games and Smarty Pants on Wii, head inside.

Two more Wii titles have been put to the test by our very own Andy. First up is Asterix At The Olympic Games, a game which reminds most of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. Is this a simple clone, a cash-in for Atari? Head over to the review of Asterix At The Olympic Games for a surprising turn of events.

Next up is for all of you who think you're smarter: Smarty Pants for Wii. In Smarty Pants, you get to know how smart you really are, whether you really do know more than your grandma about world history and whether your little sister knows more than your dad when it comes to sports. Andy took the test (literally) and if you're smart, you might want to read up on his findings in this review of Smarty Pants.

Posted on 27-04-2008 by Dennis


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