WII Driving Theory Training For Wii

After the Nintendo DS version of Driving Theory Training, the game appears to be heading for the Wii as well.

In the past, France received the Nintendo DS title Code de la Route in which gamers got to learn the rules of the road and test their knowledge of it. Several months later, a localised English version of the title was announced as Driving Theory Training.

Now, it appears that France is continuing the series with a Wii version. The title gives players the unique opportunity to revise, practice and take virtual tests on driving theory and Highway Code whilst on the move.

Exclusive for this Wii version is a multiplayer mode in which you can challenge your friends and show them your knowledge of the rules.


  • More than 11,000 questions and answers
  • Different test-modes: cars, motorcycle and more.
  • Learn in a playful way the rules of the road through the various mini-games including 'memorizing panels'.
  • Create an avatar to customize your revisions.
  • Look up all the signs and their definitions.
  • A zoom function is available for each photograph of the examination.
  • A multiplayer mode to challenge friends.
  • Analyze your performance through monitoring progress and easily detect your strengths and weaknesses.

The first ten screenshots on the title can be found on our gamepage for Driving Theory Training on Wii.

Posted on 28-03-2008 by Dennis


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