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Phoenix Games has been planning quite some titles for Nintendo DS and Wii. In this newsarticle, you can find a brief summary of all the titles the company is planning to release on Wii. In another article, you can find all the Nintendo DS titles by the company.

Developer Phoenix Games is planning quite some titles for the Wii platform. Although we do not have much information on the titles listed below, several titles are also announced for release on the Nintendo DS, some of them also being described in more detail in this article.

The full list as follows:

  • 12 (Games Compendium with 12 Games)
  • Adventures of Pinocchio
  • Caveman Rock 2
  • Cinderella's Fairy Tale
  • Coral Reef Saviour
  • Dalmatians 4
  • Flood
  • Hoppies 2
  • Iron Chef 2
  • Jungle Gang
  • Lion and the King 3
  • Love Heart
  • Monster Dessert
  • Monster Eggs 2
  • Ocean Commander 2
  • Peter Pan's Playground
  • Princess Snow White
  • Saint & Sinner 2
  • Rat-a-Box
  • Valentines Day
Posted on 28-03-2008 by Dennis


  • Now if only that Adventures of Pinocchio was a remake of the Megadrive game, I'd be happy. For some reason, I really liked the Megadrive games of Pinocchio. Still have it in fact in my collection.

    ganepark32, 30-11--0001 at 00:00
  • I doubt it, as the Nintendo Ds version of the game looks like... well.. see for yourself :/

    Dennis, 30-11--0001 at 00:00
  • A lot of this is shovelware! >.

    antster1983, 30-11--0001 at 00:00
  • Well that was the biggest downer so far of today. I guess it was to be expected. i was being a bit ambitious hoping it would be a megadrive remake. oh well. I sincerely hope that NO ONE ever buys these things. Stop shovelware.

    ganepark32, 30-11--0001 at 00:00

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