ALL More Titles From Zoo Digital (Including Army Men)

Our friends from Zoo Digital are long from done with the Nintendo DS and Wii. Inside we've got a list with 12 different titles we were yet unaware of, one of the being a new game from the Army Men-series.

Zoo Digital is far from done with the Nintendo DS and Wii. Below, you can find a short list of titles the company is planning to release during the second half of 2008 (and perhaps during the first bit of 2009).

  • Army Men - Soldiers of Misfortune (NDS & Wii)
  • Big Foot (NDS, Wii)
  • Chrysler/Plymouth Muscle Cars (Wii)
  • Garfield's Fun Fest (NDS)
  • Jeep Off Road Adventure (NDS & Wii)
  • Margot's Word Brain (NDS & Wii)
  • M&M's Boardwalk (Wii)
  • Order Up! (Wii)
  • Pepsi Beach Volleyball (Wii)
  • Shining Stars Super Starcade (NDS)
  • Sports Illustrated Kids - Field Day (NDS)
  • Warlords Kingdom (Wii)
Posted on 09-03-2008 by Dennis


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