NDS SEGA Announces Bleach: Dark Souls

Another game from the Bleach-series is heading for the Nintendo DS as SEGA has announced Bleach: Dark Souls.

SEGA of America announced that Bleach: Dark Souls will be available on Nintendo DS. Bleach: Dark Souls delivers an authentic anime experience with non-stop action and swordplay. The game features an expanded cast of characters voiced by the actors from VIZ Media's award-winning Bleach animation, rated T for Teens.

Developed by famed Japanese developer Treasure and localized for North America, Bleach: Dark Souls will feature a multitude of enhancements to last year's critically acclaimed Bleach: The Blade of Fate. These enhancements include multiplayer games with expanded personalization features, brand new special Bankai moves, 30 new Spirit Cards, power-enhancing crystals, as well as seven new gameplay modes. The Bleach: Dark Souls storyline takes place in between seasons one and two of the animated series and was created exclusively for the game.

The Bleach: Dark Souls game for Nintendo DS will mark the expansion of a dynamic cast of over 40 playable characters including Rukia, Kon and hero Ichigo. Gamers can spend hours furiously fighting while unlocking individual character stories, all based on an exclusive story arc created for Bleach: Dark Souls.

"With an exclusive storyline, an expanded playable character roster and spectacular new Bankai moves, Bleach: Dark Souls is set to build upon the critical success of Bleach: Blade of Fate," said Don Mesa, Director of Marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "The Bleach franchise continues to gain momentum with anime fans and gamers alike in North America and SEGA is there to create a robust and exciting gaming experience that stays true to its anime roots."

"We are thrilled to once again partner with SEGA for the development of Bleach: Dark Souls on Nintendo DS," states Linda Espinosa, Vice President, Content Management, VIZ Media. "SEGA games have enjoyed immense success in North America, Bleach is a top seller in both Japan and the US, and we are expecting great fan response when Bleach: Dark Souls releases with a multitude of new and exclusive features."

Bleach: Dark Souls offers enhancements to the impressive 2D action and brilliant visuals that have become the hallmark of Treasure, the game's legendary development team. Players will face a variety of opponents as one of 44 highly-stylized characters in intense action-packed battles based on the animated series. For the first time ever, players will be able to assume the role of Evil Hollows, adding a new twist for gamers to explore. Bleach: Dark Souls utilizes a traditional 2D fighting game format with enhanced visuals that push the graphical prowess of Nintendo DS to new heights.

Bleach: Dark Souls continues to allow gamers to build customized Spirit Card Decks, this time with the addition of power-enhancing Reiju Crystals to boost their character's heath, attack strength and defense power cards. Bleach: Dark Souls features four player multiplayer battles via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and DS Download Play. Players can battle each other at the same time or form tag teams for team play. Finally, Bleach fans will enjoy using the newly included encyclopedia that offers detailed explanations of the Bleach world, character info, descriptions of their attacks and a full glossary of Bleach terms.

Bleach: Dark Souls on Nintendo DS is slated for release in summer 2008.

Posted on 09-03-2008 by Dennis


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