WII Two New Reviews

Continuing our half-term special coverage, it's time for a few more reviews and this time we are turning our attention to the Wii. Douglas, take it away'¦

Dave Mirra is to BMX's what Tony Hawks is to skateboarding so it seems logical that the former should have his own Wii game, After all Mr. Hawks already has a couple of titles on the platform and I'm certain that all you BMX fans out there are feeling a little left out. Let's hope this one's for you then. We've got Douglas on the case and you can see exactly what he thought now by reading his review of Dave Mirra BMX Challenge for the Wii.

Next up is a game which everyone was convinced was simply a rumor when it was announced early last year but Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is here and on the Wii. There's also a NDS version (which we'll also take a look at soon) but what's the Olympics like with these two giants of video gaming? Once again, Douglas is the man with the answers with his review of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for the Wii .

Posted on 13-02-2008 by Andrew


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