NDS Two New Reviews

Continuing with our January reviews fest here's yet another two DS games which we've given the once over. We still have a handful of GBA games left (mostly US releases), which we'll also take a look at very soon but for now, enjoy.

Balls of Fury is based on the movie of the same name and regular readers will recall that we gave copies away just before Christmas. It's now also released on the Wii and while this type of sports game is very popular on Nintendo's home console it's made less of a showing on the handheld systems. While there appears to be no specific reason for this you can see if there's any for purchasing this game by reading our review of Balls of Fury for the NDS.

Next up is a game that is, not only, also based on a movie but also heralded the return of Jerry Seinfeld after a decade out of the limelight. To the general public though Bee Movie is just another CGI movie but is it also just another movie tie-in? You can find out now by checking out our review of Bee Movie for the NDS .

Posted on 20-01-2008 by Andrew


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