ALL Warlords DS back on track... And more

Remember Warlords DS? Just over a year ago revealed , postponed a few times and eventually canned by Strategy First. Today, we hear the title got back on track plus some extra news on a new project...

Development studio Glyphic Entertainment has signed a multi-year, exclusive representation agreement with FOG Studios.

Formerly known as Pocket PC Studios, in 2002 the studio adopted the name Glyphic Entertainment in order to reflect their growth into other platforms of development. Renowned for their excellent consumer software on smartphones and Windows powered Pocket PC's, Glyphic has since established some new tricks up their sleeve : namely in becoming licensed developers for the hugely popular Nintendo DS and Wii. FOG Studios will now be offering its suite of services in order to better position Glyphic Entertainment with regards to new business initiatives, of which there are many.

Glyphic Entertainment is currently (still) developing the much-anticipated Warlords DS : a title fans of the series have been frothing at the mouth over for a while now. Warlords DS will mark the second installment of the Warlords franchise on the Nintendo DS platform after last year's hit Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords from Infinite Interactive.

Glyphic Entertainment CEO Moore said, "What's great about the Nintendo DS and Wii platforms is that they challenge developers in terms of creating a truly unique interactive experience for the player. Thinking outside of the box is something we do on a day-to-day basis in our studio so bringing that sort of work ethic and creativity to these new platforms was a no-brainer for us. One of the reasons we signed on with FOG was that they can handle the business side of things while we concentrate on what we do best : developing great games."

But wait, there's more. Retro-fans should not only rejoice on the news on Warlords. Who can remember Lemmings and The Incredible Machine? If your heart starts beating a little faster after hearing the latter, sit down and calm down before reading further...

One of these great games mr Moore refers to is a new project creating some stir behind closed doors titled Marker Man. The concept behind the game is a mash up of a classic side-scroller with a puzzle game in the vein of Lemmings or The Incredible Machine. Currently planned for release on both the Nintendo DS and Wii, the hook is that Marker Man will only be able to reach his goal with the help of the player - who will be responsible for drawing in the mechanisms Marker Man needs to avoid an untimely demise.

Posted on 18-01-2008 by Dennis


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