WII Two New Reviews

If it feels like ages since we've last had any Wii reviews, that's because it is and what with work, the festive season and a new arrival Douglas (our Wii reviewer) has had precious little time to even look at the box covers never mind actually play the games. Fortunately he's found a few spare moments over the weekend so, without further delay, here are the first Wii reviews of 2008.

The Simpsons Game was released on the back of last years big screen outing but like many movie tie-in's now we had to wait until the DVD release to actually get our hands on the game. We've already reviewed the DS version and now you can see what we thought of the Wii outing by reading our review of The Simpsons Game for the Wii.

Sierra unleashed one of it's best known character again this winter with Crash of the Titans featuring the unstoppable Crash Bandicoot. Of course, the character himself needs little introduction but the gameplay here may be slightly different from what you were expecting. To discover just what this is why no read our review of Crash of the Titans for the Wii .

Posted on 05-01-2008 by Andrew


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