ALL Symphonic Orchestra - Details

The first details of a classical music-title for Wii and Nintendo DS has arrived.

Although developer Kando Games did not officially release any details on Symphonic Orchestra yet, the DS-x2 Sherlock Holmes managed to get their hands on some snippits on the upcoming title.

First of all, the game is currently in development for three platforms: Wii, Nintendo DS and PC. Secondly, a few facts on the (presumably Wii version of the) game were disclosed:

Play and learn all the most popular classical music:

  • Carmen from Bizet
  • The Traviata from Verdi
  • The ninth symphony from Beethoven
A game for everyone with an intuitive gameplay
  • Swing the game controller to perform moves
  • The game is highly tolerant with beginners
Conduct orchestra in the most famous opera of the world:
  • Vienna
  • Berlin
  • Paris
Posted on 16-12-2007 by Dennis


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