NDS Top Gear: Downforce thoughts and screens

Merscom's Top Gear: Downforce conference call, notes, thoughts, and screens.

I Took notes on a brief conference call with Merscom yesterday about Top Gear: Downforce, for the DS.

Tantalus has taken a semi-2D(2.5D) approach with Top Gear: Downforce, shooting for an old-school top-down racing game feel. Unfortunately despite the long delay from April 2006 it seems some of the DS's more obscure features will go unused. Such as the rumble pack, microphone, and online service. Though apparently they were considered at one point or another. Last but not least, there's something in the works for Wii, but they aren't talking.

Top Gear: Downforce seems like a very multiplayer centric title. Especially with all the(24x2) tracks playable wirelessly off one cartridge. If they nail the gameplay mechanics it could be a nice game to play with friends... 4 of them at a time at least. We'll have to save further judgment for the review, for now here are 14 new screens.

Posted on 20-10-2007 by NPC


  • It's with games like this that I wish Nintendo had developed the DS with a little more in the contrast of the screen.

    Hells Zargon, 30-11--0001 at 00:00

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