NDS Two New Reviews

After the E3 madness last week expect things to settle down now. At least, that is, until September/October when the big releases begin yet again. Time for some reviews then'¦

First up is, not a new game but one that we've had lying around for some time. Fossil League is described by our reviewer Douglas as a mixture between Pokon and Dinosaurs. Whether this sounds like your type of thing or you are simply hanging on for the release of Diamonds and Pearl, later this month, find out what it's all about now by reading his review of Fossil League for the NDS.

We seem to have had an endless amount of NDS/Card games at the moment and just when you thought it was all over along comes UNO 52. How does it compare to the others and do we really need this type of 'game' on the NDS? You can discover exactly what Douglas thought of it now by reading the review of UNO 52 for the NDS.

Posted on 16-07-2007 by Andrew


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