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Yesterday we made a mistake. We're terribly sorry for any trouble we may have caused: In our story on Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey, we actually meant Walt Disney Pictures Presents Enchanted.

This fall moviegoers will discover Giselle, Prince Edward and Pip as they are magically transported from the animated land of Andalasia to modern New York City in the major motion picture release of "Walt Disney Pictures Presents Enchanted" starring Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey and Susan Sarandon. Disney Interactive Studios is introducing Enchanted, a video game inspired by the film for the Nintendo DS.

"With its playful cast of characters caught between an animated world and today's New York City, 'Enchanted' is a perfect setting for a great adventure game," said Craig Relyea, vice president of marketing for Disney Interactive Studios. "Players who always wished they could live in a fairytale princess world will experience adventures that go beyond the 'Enchanted' film."

Enchanted for Nintendo DS follows the story of Giselle, a princess banished from a fairy tale animated land to modern-day Manhattan. Players take on the roles of Giselle, Prince Edward and Giselle's trusted chipmunk friend Pip in adventures that span both mythical Andalasia and real-world New York City with film-inspired and original gameplay elements. Each character has their own magical skills and talents to get out of trouble as they try to defeat the evil Queen Narissa. As Giselle, players summon animals and gain powers by "singing" different songs. While playing as Edward, players can ride a horse and use their swords to battle enemies. As Pip, players experience the world from his unique chipmunk perspective and race against the clock in challenging mini-games. Players also have the option to play in English or Spanish and will receive a bonus strategy poster with their game.

Posted on 21-06-2007 by Dennis


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