NDS Barnyard Blast - Screen & Info

GDC wasn't exactly spectacular for the handheld fans, but at least one more title with potential popped up... Barnyard Blast.

Handheld wise the latest GDC (Game Developers Conference) was a bit of a disappointment really with only Renegade Kid's: The Ward creating any real excitement. There's always one, which slips though the net though, and only today, Barnyard Blast (developed by SANUK Software) was brought to our attention.

Reports from individuals who spent some time with an early demo claim it has elements of the classic Castlevania with added Cowboy Pigs and an assortment of other Barnyard dwellers. Whether it gets a full release is anyone's guess but as we thought you'd like a look for yourself, you should find a rather blurred screen shot below and the teaser poster.

Posted on 12-03-2007 by Dennis


  • Castlevaia in Mississippi?

    LeSomeGuy, 30-11--0001 at 00:00

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