ALL Pokémon Ranger & Final Fantasy V Advance Delayed

Nintendo of Europe revealed new dates for their lineup - together with several delays.

Pokon Ranger, which was developed by HAL Laboratory, and the GBA version of Final Fantasy V see a delay to April 13th. While the first was planned for March 30th, Final Fantasy V was to be released on March 16th.

On April 13th Nintendo will also release two other games - Harvest Moon DS and Hotel Dusk: Room 215, although both were announced for April 5th.

A week later, on April 20th, Diddy Kong Racing DS will be available.

Posted on 22-02-2007 by shiggy


  • Has anyone heard of any news about Luminous Arc being translated?

    LeSomeGuy, 30-11--0001 at 00:00

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