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For more than 50 years, the name Wiffle has come to mean good, safe, baseball fun! Now, America's favorite backyard and city-street pasttime comes to your handheld video game system! It's Wiffle ball like you've never seen it before! Get ready for the crazy curves, the mighty swings, and the frenzied fun... that is Wiffle ball!

WIFFLE Ball on the Nintendo DS takes you back to those lazy afternoons when all you needed was a garden, blue sky, and WIFFLE ball to recreate the feeling of the big leagues! You can play against various computer opponents to become the WIFFLE Ball Champion or take on your friends via Nintendo WiFi and smash their pitching out of the ground... well garden.


  • Wireless multiplayer over Nintendo WiFi lets you take on their friends and prove who rules at WIFFLE Ball
  • Variety of game venues offer different challenges and hazards for you to avoid
  • Take on every team in the game in the Season Mode and prove that you are the WIFFLE Ball champion
  • Intuitive gameplay makes full use of the Nintendo DS touch screen
Boxart of Wiffle Ball DS (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Sports
Publisher: DSI Games