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In another attempt to thwart her arch-rival Candida, Pim uses her dad's cloning machine to create a series of 'Å“Blahs,'? a mischievous pet from the future, and it's up to Phil to prevent their attacks. Overcome numerous obstacles and challenges to help Phil capture the Blahs that have been let loose on their town and save the day.


  • Take control of three unique characters. Play as Phil and use his future tech gadgets to capture Blahs and solve puzzles; Play as Keely and use her dance moves to capture multiple Blahs at once; Play as Curtis and use his agility and strength to get to hard to reach places
  • Collect and assemble more than 20 gadgets for Phil
  • Acquire a variety of accessories for Keely's spotlight dance outfit
  • Play logic-based puzzles that require the player to make use of gadgets
  • Unlock super items to reveal a cool time machine cut scene and replay with three new powerhouse gadgets
  • Operate Phil's classic flying shooter, that is the Skyak
Boxart of Phil of the Future (Game Boy Advance)
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Genre: Action
Developer: Handheld Games Corp
Publisher: Buena Vista Interactive