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Broken Circle - a magical RPG journey on a grand scale, isometric graphics, over 12 scenaries with a total of 101 game maps, 18 backdrops for fighting, with various senerios that bring forth the history of the three principal characters, each with different 21 techniques of fighting that are learned through experience, or the finding of hidden objects within the game. An all new combat sistem based on our orignal idea, and sections of search and exploration in the classical style of Japanese Style Roleplaying games like breath of fire 3, for example. 20 types of different enemies with many animations.

The Story of broken Circle, has its beginning in the days of the ragnarok, those that according to the Viking legends, will be the last days of the world. The characters try to challenge this, and save the world. Subsequently they will understand that their role in the history... it is that of people that the world brings at together at the end. We will meet old wise man, provocative women demon and mysterious sellers... traveling among city full of zombies, spellbound forests.. or hells of ice.

The three protagonists originate from a different reality:

  • Bjorn is a solitary warrior that hardly succeeds to express his own emotions. Alive without a purpose as a mercenary, and tormented in the night from nightmares in which a white wolf scrutinizes his soul. Bjorn feels sometimes more of an animal than a human being.
  • Finn originates from a parallel dimension to the world Of Midgard (where the adventure develops him) called Tir-na-Nog. He is a warlike bard, joker and boaster. He is to be sacrificed to the gods of his earth, when a magic crow that makes him call "bran" saves him, opening a magic portal that brings him to Midgard where he will meet Bjorn.
  • Sif is a valkeire, that was entrusted to recover the souls of the dead warriors to be able to bring her in the hall of the Vahalla, unfortunately a wizard cursed her, and stopped her being able to cross the Rainbow Bridge that separates Asgard (abode of the gods) from Midgard. Forcing her to live among the deadly ones.
  • The death of the wizard has not even allowed Sif to return home. Now vague alone and desperate she continues her mission...

The stage is set for a classic journey... Broken Circle !!


  • Screenshot of Broken Circle (Game Boy Advance)
  • Screenshot of Broken Circle (Game Boy Advance)
  • Screenshot of Broken Circle (Game Boy Advance)
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Boxart of Broken Circle (Game Boy Advance)
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Genre: RPG
Developer: 7Raven Studios
Publisher: Alten8