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Brick'em all! The title explain everything. The aim of the player is to pass through levels destructing every brick with a bouncing ball. "OK, it‘s simple!" you said... try it.

You'll have to manage with special bricks and avoid malus, learn the ability to catch magics and understand the right moment to use them! The game lets you choose your own path: every time you clear a stage you can choose from two different levels to play. What will be the easyest way? Brick'em all is simple and challenging at the same time!


  • 30 different magics available.
  • 240 levels for hours of fun.
  • Different kinds of blocks to break.
  • Simple and fun concept.
  • Aim at higher score as possible!
Boxart of Brick'em all (Game Boy Advance)
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Genre: Action
Publisher: 505 Games