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At the core Legend of the Dragon is the battle to maintain the universal balance between good and evil, Yin and Yang. This beat-em-up adventure game takes place in China and is centred on the twins Ang and Ling whose sibling bond is tested when Ang is chosen to be the next Golden Dragon destined to defend the temple from the evil Zodiac Master.

In her quest for redemption Ling is lured to join the Zodiac Master on his mission to destroy the 12 lost temples of the ancient Chinese Zodiacs and their Guardian Warriors. In the battle between darkness and light both heroes and villains have magic wristbands that can transform them into half man half beast with the likeness and skills of the zodiac creature they represent.

The game combines thrilling fighting sequences with a compelling story line all wrapped up in outstanding animations

Boxart of Legend of the Dragon (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Action
Developer: Game Factory