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The future is in peril and Danny Fenton is about to find out that he?s the reason why. Clockwork, a sinister ghost with the power to control time, wants to turn Danny into the future?s evil Dan Phantom by destroying everything and everyone he cares about. Danny will have to learn new powers and foil Clockwork?s plans if he?s going to save his friends and family from the most dangerous force imaginable?himself! Danny Phantom?s first video game contains all of the superhero action and humor of the TV series and allows you to use Danny?s incredible superpowers in an exciting new ghost-catching adventure.


  • Fast-paced, side-scrolling action based on a special Danny Phantom episode, ?The Ultimate Enemy?, airing on Nickelodeon in Sept. 2005
  • All of Danny?s paranormal powers from the TV show including his ability to fly, walk through walls, shoot ghostly beams, and even the new ?Ghostly Wail?
  • Variety of gameplay combining action on the ground with flying shooter levels
  • Strategic combat system where Danny Phantom will transform back to Danny Fenton when his powers are overused
Boxart of Danny Phantom The Ultimate Enemy (Game Boy Advance)
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Genre: Action
Publisher: THQ