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9 outstanding games packed on onbe cartridge: Blockout, Pool, Racing, Hextris, 3D Ping Pong, Aquagems, Laser Run, Dogfight, and Pinball.


  • 2 player linked gameplay with only 1 Game Pak.
  • "Game copy" feature allows a sharing of games by downloading them to other GBAs for unlinked, independent play. It's even easier than sharing music files...and it's FREE!
  • Almost 1 hour of in-game music...just like a music CD!
  • On-screen "How to play" instructions.
  • Save the game status, player statistics, and other options for later.
  • PC-style menus allow easy and intuitive configuration of all options.
Boxart of Ultimate Pocket Games (Game Boy Advance)
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Genre: Compilation
Developer: Cosmigo
Publisher: Telegames