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Take New York for a spin featuring a full-3D cityscape that tests your webslinging skills. Track down the maniacal Doc Ock from rooftop to city streets to subterrean sewer while avoiding deadly traps, machine gun-wielding thugs and surveillance cameras that alert enemies of your presence. Battle powerfull bosses (including the GBA-exclusive Lizard and Puma) with new attacks like the Double Web Throw, which can heave 2 opponents to their doom simultaneouslu. Upgrade Spidey with the all-new experience points-system to earn better web and combat abilities. Every boss you defeat and every hostage you save makes Manhattans legendary arachnide crimefighter even more powerful, and prepares you for a titanic confrontation with the murderous Doc Ock.

Boxart of Spider-Man 2 (Game Boy Advance)
Platform: Game Boy Advance