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A.N.N.E is an exciting 2d platformer and Space shooter hybrid wrapped in a beautiful retro package. A.N.N.E offers a modern twist on the classic well known genres: fast paced action meets open world gameplay, RPG elements and a hint of physics gameplay.

Story: A Quest for love on a forbidden planet Journey across the stars to Planet Gomi in a quest to rescue your other half. Confront strange creatures and robots that stand in your way on a planet where obsolete and outlawed robots are banished. Search for more powerful weapons and upgrades to access new areas and overcome treacherous encounters.


- An exciting melting pot of classic games.

- Explore on foot or by air with your trusty ship.

- Explore a beautiful open world consisting of five distinct areas. - Physics based gameplay lets you interact with your environment

- Customize your arsenal by missing different weapons and bullet types.

- Play as A.N.N.E or NO25.

Boxart of A.N.N.E (Wii U)
Platform: Wii U
Genre: Action-RPG
Developer: Gamesbymo Inc.
Publisher: Gamesbymo Inc.