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Inspired by the hugely popular Beyblade action TV series, BeyBlade Metal Masters makes its return on the Nintendo DS this Fall! Take on 37 different characters from the show and battle it out in a last-man standing competition of beys in the battle arena. Time your attacks, customize your bey, and become the best as you play against your friends! Master the metal and let it rip!

Everything about BeyBlade Metal Masters has been designed to keep the controls simple, yet offers the many tactical strategies the popular series affords. Players send their Beyblade into battle and can also add combination attacks via a series of button presses. Key attacks from the TV series have been faithfully recreated, allowing users to perform the 'Pegasus' diving attack to smash into opposition units, and the game also features spectacular finishing moves to earn victory with finesse.

Boxart of BeyBlade Metal Masters (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Action
Publisher: Konami