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They say construction can be a dog-eat-dog business, so everyone knows if you want a job done right, hire the best. But what if the best aren't around when you need someone to rivet those beams, nail up walls, connect the pipes, or drive the heavy equipment? Lucky for you, the Workin' Dawgs are here to save the day! Sure, they may seem a little disorganized, but this wacky crew will work for bones providing the most fun you'll ever have with a 'dozer and a nail-gun. You get to be top dog, so grab your clipboard and get ready to work a shift with these mangy mutts. But heads up, the re's no guarantee the inspector will approve. With this crew success is rewarded and failure makes for more play.

Boxart of Working Dawgs (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Big John Games