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Players must complete five training exercises each day in order to unlock a variety of mini games and this helps keep them focused and stimulated as they work towards a reward. Rewards include 11 new unlockable mini-games, designed to test memory, dexterity, agility, speed and concentration as players use the stylus or control pad to drag, drop and move objects around. These include:

Greedy Frog - players must help the frog catch 10 dragonflies by jumping over lilypads before they sink into the pond.

Find the Kennel - guide a puppy through a maze and back to its kennel before time runs out

Catch the Sheep - round the sheep up and get them back in their pen.

As well as new games there are old favourites such as Solitaire and Snake for players to enjoy plus activities such as Alphabet to improve writing skills and Hangman to help with spelling and reading skills.

Key Features:

  • Two new game modes - Progressive and Pot Luck
  • 11 new unlockable mini games including; Whack a Mole, Fruit Picking and Save the Cheese
  • 130 new puzzles and activities
Boxart of Junior Brain Trainer 2 (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Edutainment
Developer: Sanuk Games
Publisher: Avanquest Software Publishing