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There are many DSiWare titles available now with most genres having been covered, meaning (in theory) that there's something for everyone and over the past few years the rhythm/music based offering has garnered a great deal of attention. Titles such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero have sold millions of units throughout the world. One thing the DSiWare service has been criticized for though, is simply being a collection of 'cut down' versions of full retail titles and it's true that many publishers have dismantled their games generating what appear to be simply chunks of forthcoming attractions. Maestro! Green Groove itself is part of Maestro! Jump to the Music, so what makes this game so different and why should you download it?


The objective in Green Groove couldn't be simpler really. The first thing to remember is that you don't actually control the bird but rather the environment around it. This is basically involves hitting as many strings (at just the right moment) as possible as the level scrolls sideways. This may sound easy enough, but each section has a pass criteria which is generally a B+ (or above) based on your overall performance including, not only avoiding bad notes, but also collecting fruit scattered around the levels. Obviously this all gets much more difficult as you progress, and as well as the playing the strings you'll also need to dispose of a collection of spiders but, just at the right moment, before they attack you.

Every few levels you'll be forced to challenge a boss, in a way that is very different to the rest of the game. This takes place on a static screen and is best described as a battle, with the last player standing crowned the winner. The action moves to drums, although there are some strings later on, and replicating the beats sends a 'shockwave' damaging the bosses' health. Get this right enough, and you'll move on, fail and you'll see your own health quickly deplete. Once you have managed to complete the Adventure Mode you'll be able to challenge yourself repeatedly thanks to the Free Play Mode which gives some much needed extended gameplay to the package.


It's all dual-screen but you expected that, didn't you?


Visually, Green Groove is one of the better-looking games on the DSi mostly down to the fact that it was developed as a full commercial release. The backgrounds are well designed and colorful whilst the sprites are crisp and well animated.


Obviously, with this being a rhythm based title, you'd expect the audio to be something quite special and fortunately it is. Unlike most similar titles, you're not treated to the latest chart offerings but rather tracks from the world's greatest composers including Chopin, Dvorak and Beethoven adding style to the whole package.

Dual screen

Everything is controlled using your stylus and the interface is remarkably easy to use. Most of the time you'll simply 'pluck' the strings, at the correct moment, which forces your bird to jump (or drop a level should you 'strum' down). The other main interaction is during the boss levels where you need to follow the rhythms of the drumming spiders. There's even an option to use the microphone although you can opt out of this should you be playing the game in public.

Final comments

If you've indulged at all in the DSiWare download service then you've no doubt been somewhat disappointed with most of the titles you've ended up with. Green Groove is completely different. Not only will you be delighted that you took the risk but you'll also be playing this game for some time. It has great music and visuals and the control system is expertly designed to take advantage of the DS's touch-screen. Download this now, you won't be sorry although you are likely to be hooked from day one.

Pro: Great Sound and Graphics, Very Entertaining.
Con: It's not the full game.
Final score: 8.6


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Boxart of Maestro! Green Groove (DSiWare)
Platform: DSiWare
Genre: Rhythm
Developer: Pasta Games
Publisher: Neko Entertainment