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Discover a whopping 500 crossword puzzles from Britain's best-selling quality daily like you've never played them before! Browse through a wide assortment of crosswords of various kinds and difficulty levels, and make your picks depending on your skills and mood.

Forget about crumpled pages covered with erasures! With its handy interface and intuitive controls, Telegraph Crosswords transfigures the classic pen-and-paper experience:

  • Easy character entry with on-screen keyboard (and handwriting recognition on Nintendo DSi).
  • Errors can be notified either immediately or after completion.
  • Interactive hints prevent you from being stuck.
  • You can stop and resume puzzles at any time. Disney video game fans.
Boxart of Telegraph Crosswords (DSiWare)
Platform: DSiWare
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Sanuk Games
Publisher: Telegraph Media Group