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FlatOut is the highly anticipated next chapter of the popular FlatOut franchise, developed by Team6 game studios exclusively for the Wii system. With brand new physics, unequalled graphics, a new violent-driving reward system, new racing locations, new stunt arena themes, new battle arena, a complete new 'car basher' stuntmode and 16 over-the-top crazy vehicles to be demolished, FlatOut Wii takes racing to a whole new level of aggressive driving on the Wii. For the first time in FlatOut history, all gamemodes are available in 'cooperation' mode now!

The "offroad extreme cars" is a class of vehicles that can take a beating, and also can deal a beating. You can drive insane wild with them, and they won't punish you for it. You can even smash them into other cars, and they still won't complain about you abusing them. No surprise that these cars are meant for the more aggressive drivers amongst us.

The "Supercars" class of vehicles is a range of vehicles that only care for speed, and speed only. The incredible speed they offer, goes at the cost of other capabilities, such as lack of mass, or a strong exterior. Crash and burn is something that can happen quite easily if you don't have the skills, the reflexes when you're the driver of a car from the Supercar class. Still, who cares of danger and risk when you can achieve such amazing speeds?

The "muscle cars" class are cars with an amazing powersource, with immense size of engines that lack turbos, fuel-injection and especially computers result not only in a truly phenomenal, brutal sound but also in amazing power that doesn't care at all how heavy your body frame might be. Still, muscle cars are known for their preference of a straight line. For some particular muscle cars, a razor sharp corner is even their number one nightmare.

No matter what class you select, each car has unique and thrillingly accurate physics, fight to keep control of your cars at breathtaking speeds, smash opponents from the road and make your way to the finish in the toughest FlatOut so far.

Game modes available:

  • Racing: The standard FlatOut concept: Race, destroy and either finish first, or make sure you're the last one standing (or: driving). Violent, agressive racing will take place in various locations and themes, such as the financial district, the industrial port and a dusty and an old but atmospheric town somewhere in southern-europe. Gamemode also available in splitscreen mode.
  • Trash: An addictive, violent, Wii-targeted game mode for what's the whole Flatout franchise about: Breaking stuff! Use a weapon of choice (baseball bat, crowbar, lead pipe, amongst others) to totally trash the car of your opponent. Once trashed, he doesn't want this car anymore and it's all yours! New vehicle unlocked! By controlling the Wii-mote you can do as much damage as you like, until the time runs out. The more damage you do, the more score you earn: you can't believe how much fun this is!
  • Arena: Taking 'destruction derby' to a whole new level! Forgot those simple, circle shaped, muddy circuits where cars smash each other till they explode: This new Arena is a true deathtrap! This arena, fully made of steel, concrete and asphalt, is equipped with amazing ramps, loopings and countless violent boobytraps in the floor- and wall panels. Prepare to meet traps like "Flamethrower Street", "Hole in One: Spike Pit", "1000 Ton Steel Ball", "Melting Pit" and "the 1000 Volt Fence" ! Gamemode also available in Splitscreen mode: Try to lure your friends in every each trap possible!
  • Stuntman: The best mode of the classic FlatOut, now revived and more fresh than ever! Accelerate till you can't go faster, and once arrived in the Zone: automatically enter slow-motion mode and use the very intuitive Wii controls to take the best angle for using the ramps with your car. Once airborne, Eject the driver through the windshield at exactly the right time, resulting in (hopefully) the best score ! The more bones you break, the more score you'll earn!


  • Stunning environments and realistic graphics: FlatOut Wii features some of the best graphics seen in a racegame for the Nintendo Wii.
  • Authentic physics technology and design.
  • Four spectacular gamemodes available in both single- and multiplayer.
  • 16 Cars to be wrecked.
  • Loads of violence and even more fun!


  • Screenshot of FlatOut (Wii)
  • Screenshot of FlatOut (Wii)
  • Screenshot of FlatOut (Wii)
  • Screenshot of FlatOut (Wii)
  • Screenshot of FlatOut (Wii)
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Boxart of FlatOut (Wii)
Platform: Wii
Genre: Racing / Action
Developer: Team6
Publisher: Zoo Publishing