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Pirates: Adventures of the black Corsair invites players to become marauding buccaneers in 17th century London. Double-crossed by their pirate Captain and branded traitors to their country, players will face countless perils as they struggle to clear their names and become the most famous of pirates, the Black Corsair - defender of the Crown.


  • Family friendly fun
  • User-friendly and accessible for everyone
  • The only 'party' game that allows game play in versus, single, cooperative, and story modes
  • Explore 3 vast worlds, including: London City, The Tower of London, and The Royal Court
  • Interact with a cast of humorous characters
  • Conquer mini-games to unlock special game features
  • Easy-to-use In-Game HUD featuring a diary, log, map, inventory, and puzzles
  • Save Points and Check Points are spread throughout each level
  • Simple navigation made possible by positioning the main character on the Map
  • 4 multi players
  • 20 mini games
  • 15 talking characters
  • Dresses pack
  • Third person view
Boxart of Pirates: Adventures of the black Corsair (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Action / Adventure
Developer: Virtual Identity SRL
Publisher: Mambo Games