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Aspiring chefs can grab use their Wii Remote to slice, dice, and skewer the competition through more than 30 food-centric mini-games in Cook Wars. Players learn a variety of ways to grill, bake, and fry traditional Mexican, American, French, Italian, and Asian dishes, and gamers progress they can unlock new ingredients and recipes. Cook Wars encourages multiplayer action, featuring head-to-head duels, two-on-two team battles, and three-on-one competitions.


  • Use the Wii Remote as a multi-purpose cooking utensil in more than 30 mini-games
  • Master cuisine from Mexico, America, France, Italy, and Asia
  • Take on up to three friends in multiplayer action
Boxart of Cook Wars (Wii)
Platform: Wii
Genre: Action
Publisher: Ubisoft