Furry Legends: Beginnings (DSiWare) - Description

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After their adventure on Wii, the sneaky Furballs are expanding to DSiWare, and who knows if they will settle with just that!

In Furry Legends: Beginnings, which is a prequel to Furry Legends, players will be able to experience the world prior to squarie invasion. The game will feature beautiful, 100% hand drawn graphics, physics, puzzle, action and more!

You can expect new enemies, at least three different environments, new puzzles and a fresh dose of cheesy humor in this upcoming release. Remember to watch this space and sign up with our twitter feed to stay up to date with latest developments!

Boxart of Furry Legends: Beginnings (DSiWare)
Platform: DSiWare
Genre: Action
Developer: Gamelion Studios