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Bee Smart is an innovative and engaging brain training game geared for a younger audience. Bee Smart brings a unique approach to learning, educating and training one's brain through videogames. Bee Smart provides an active, fun and stimulating environment where kids (and adults!) can learn and discover new and familiar fun challenges. Over time, this will improve certain brain activities, such as hand eye coordination and memory training.


  • Made in cooperation with veteran puzzle magazine publisher Sanders Puzzlebooks
  • Innovative brain training tracking system, players log their progress to evaluate which areas need more training
  • Charming Bee characters will entertain and motivate the younger players
  • Multiple game modes including Speed Mode, Memory, Perception and Luck.
  • Separate Painting mode to sharpen your artistic side.
Boxart of Bee Smart (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Edutainment
Developer: WhiteBear Studios
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive