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Get ready for a puzzle game unlike any you've ever seen! Groovin' Blocks brings a new twist to classic puzzle gameplay. It's addictive! Maneuver colorful blocks and drop them in like-colored clusters to clear the board. But this is not your average puzzle game. An original soundtrack with all new beats really drives the gameplay in Groovin' Blocks. Drop the blocks on the beat for higher scores and bonusesand really let the music take over! The successful WiiWare game is getting beefed up for an expanded experience for Wii! All new levels, brand new songs, and hours of more puzzling gameplay! And for the first time, you'll be able to take Groovin' Blocks on-the-go with a whole new iPhone edition! Play to the music with Groovin' Blocks!


  • Play to the rhythm of the music and hit "Superbeats" to double your multipliers and increase your score
  • Original soundtrack featuring songs that offer intensity and non-stop action
  • Over 50 levels of addicting puzzle action
  • Unlock power-ups and new songs through star award system
  • 3 skill levels to choose from - inviting everyone from the casual gamer to hardcore puzzle fan to join in the fun
  • Compete in multiple modes such as Head-to-Head against a friend, or team up to achieve high scores together in Co-op Mode
  • Players of all abilities can "groove" together in a unique multiplayer mode that enables handicapping to enhance gameplay balance


  • Screenshot of Groovin' Blocks (Wii)
  • Screenshot of Groovin' Blocks (Wii)
  • Screenshot of Groovin' Blocks (Wii)
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Boxart of Groovin' Blocks (Wii)
Platform: Wii
Genre: Action / Puzzle
Developer: Empty Clip Studios
Publisher: Zoo Games