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Kidz Sports - Crazy Mini Golf already had the most accurate golf swing of any Wii title, and now with Wii MotionPlus it is even better. Unlike other golf games which turn any flick of the Wii Remote into a swing, Kidz Sports - Crazy Mini Golf feels like the real thing. Every subtle movement is detected and shown immediately on-screen, giving you accurate and constant feedback.

Perfecting the use of the Wii MotionPlus Accessory takes practice, and we all know how impatient some smaller family members are! So, we have also included a fast 'Arcade Mode' available for each individual character to ensure that the family stays playing together over and over again.

Play 72 crazy holes set over 4 wacky courses. Heaps of re-playable content with 18 hole or 9 hole, tournaments, challenge or single hole modes. Challenge the family or beat your best score. This is the biggest, best, most feature-packed and accurate Mini golf game ever - only available on the Wii.

Kidz Sports - Crazy Mini Golf contains Wii hi-res detailed graphics, animated levels, backgrounds, interactive objects, Real world Physics, fans, tubes and even floating whales. All the crazy fun you expect from a top Family friendly title.

Boxart of Kidz Sports - Crazy Mini Golf (Wii)
Platform: Wii
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Data Design Interactive