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Have fun learning music theory with the great masters. In Music School you can play all kinds of music and rhythm activities with your Nintendo DSi, and learn the basics of music theory applying your knowledge to different musical instruments that you can control just using your Stylus.

Mozart, Beethoven and Bach will guide you through different fun to play lessons that will help you master from the recognition of the different musical notes, to the reading of a stave, across plenty of very well known classical music master pieces.


  • Over 10 different activities and mini-games, to master dictation, reading and rhythm
  • Practice your learnings or record your own songs using 3 virtual instruments: Piano, Guitar and Flute (+15 sound banks each)
  • The Great Masters will follow your evolution and progresses
  • Constant and exclusive rewards, unblocking exclusive content and features for your NDSi (videoclips, gadgets, screenshots)
  • Smoothly learn the basics of music theory through knowledge-pills
  • Work out your musicality and skills across a series of mini-games designed to practice your sense of rhythm, your memory, your musical ear
  • Exclusive tone recognition system for the NDSi Mic. Get evaluated playing real instruments or even record new sound banks!!!
  • More than 30 catchy songs of very well known master pieces (styles include classical, folklore, and xmas carol)
  • Enjoy playing head-to-head with your friends with multiple and original multi-player game modes
Boxart of Music School (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Rhythm
Developer: Enigma Software Productions