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We know how hard it is to get the most out of a weight loss program - especially if you're someone who's constantly off and running.

We lead busy lives. Very busy lives. But if you're more concerned about finding time to lose weight rather than how much, may we suggest the Biggest Loser for the Nintendo DSi and DS?

Nintendo's answer to handheld gaming provides fun, portable solutions to staying on top of your diet. These features can help you reach your weight loss milestones while you're at work, on the bus, in between meetings - wherever, whenever!

Finally. Something that helps you make good decisions when you're on the go. With your weight loss goals, the Nintendo DSi, DS and the Wii work effectively together to help you stay on target. But the portable version isn't just a complement to your Wii Experience - it adds something more as well.


  • A detailed digital calorie counter that provides a quick and easy tool that gives you access to thousands of foods from grocery stores and popular restaurants.
  • A digital exercise manual.
  • An electronic cookbook on healthy eating you can take wherever you need it.
  • An accomplishments list, tracking your personal milestones
  • Mini games, which provide lessons on portion control and cravings management
  • More mini games, such as trivia quizzes that test your knowledge on dieting, exercise, and food

If you have the Nintendo DSi, consider using the device's camera to take a snapshot of your current physical state and see how you would look if you reached your weight loss goal as a Biggest Loser contestant.

Boxart of Biggest Loser (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Sports
Publisher: THQ