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In Crazy Garage, you are the head of a family of crazy mechanics, living in a car garage. For the people living around you, the car is sacred. You&;apos;re dealing with all kinds of vehicles in your garage: models planned for style competitions and cars coming in after accidents, races and night rodeos... You will have to satisfy your clients in the most efficient way possible in order to expand the garage's activities and to attract new business!


  • Story mode with a collection of fun, accessible mini games based on car mechanic duties: change tires, repair fuses, straightening bumpers, repainting vehicles...
  • 2-4 player multi-player modes via WiFi
  • Coop mode (one player is the mechanic, second player is the manager)
Boxart of Crazy Garage (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Playlogic