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Following the popular MTV series Pimp my Ride, comes Pimp My Ride: Street Racing for Nintendo DS.


  • Using an improved version of the Virtuos Racing engine, the game provides players with an awesome sense of speed, smart AI, easy handling physics, impressive collisions and arcade style races
  • 10x more car customization than the first Pimp My Ride¿ total of 20 playable cars with 100s of options
  • Customize and modify cars from a panel of parts: Decals, paint jobs, grills, wheels, rims and more. Some parts are only cosmetic; others increase the performance to maximize their speed, acceleration, braking or handling
  • Music is the heartbeat of the game, based primarily in hip-hop and extending into rock and pop punk
  • MTV-influenced art direction: Tracks, environments and cars are adapted from the TV show: Hip Hop, West Coast flavor are placed in cities across the globe
Boxart of Pimp My Ride: Street Racing (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Activision