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Music remains a major frustration for most of us. Only the bravest and those who could stand those boring and tough music lessons are now able to play music and live that unique experience. For the rest, you can still try to touch that feeling by playing a rhythm based video game and shaking a plastic guitar ... but it will never be (sound) the same.

Montessori Music brings a serious music learning method on DS developed by Shiro Tsuji a famous Japanese music teacher. Shiro Tsujis is a famous Japanese musician who is a music teacher too. His book and method to learn music has been a real success in Japan!

Shiro Tsuji takes his music lessons experience, university piano instruction, solfege instruction, and choral instruction and puts it into familiar, easy-to-understand words and phrases for those who are just starting to learn to read music.

Through enjoyable hands-on repetition rather than the explanation of musical grammar, students are easily able to acquire a practical knowledge of musical theories.


  • Smoothly learn the basics of the music theory with 21 lessons.
  • Monitor your progresses and learning curve with regular quick tests.
  • Work out your musicality and skills across a series of fun mini games designed to practice your sense of rhythm, your memory, your musical ear...
  • Practice what you've learnt on virtual instruments (the piano, the drum...).
  • Plan your learning and practicing through your coach calendar.


  • Screenshot of Montessori Music (Nintendo DS)
  • Screenshot of Montessori Music (Nintendo DS)
  • Screenshot of Montessori Music (Nintendo DS)
  • Screenshot of Montessori Music (Nintendo DS)
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Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Rhythm / Edutainment
Publisher: SouthPeak Interactive