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A while ago while the Gameboy Advance was still popular Nintendo released a series of titles in Japan for the Gameboy Advance that made up the 'Bit Generation' series. These games were simple and easy titles that didn't require much from the player but the simplicity of the games caused players to play the titles for hours on end.

Japan however was the only country to receive the 'Bit Generation' titles until a WiiWare title popped up called 'Art Style: Orbient'. Art Style: Orbient is the same game on Gameboy Advance called 'Bit Generations: Orbient' however this time on WiiWare so other people, not in Japan, could enjoy such a simplistic title but get hours of fun out of it.


The game is of extreme ease requiring the player to just sit there and listen to the peaceful music of the game while you control a planet like star that just orbits around other planets and satellites. The main objective of the title is to actually become the bigger planet by absorbing planets the same size as you to become bigger while making the tiny planets or satellites orbit around you.

Although it has such a simple goal in mind some levels you could prove frustrating for the player, like I had experienced, as although you are becoming the bigger planet you must avoid planets bigger than you and not crash in to them but learn how to use the bigger planets to your advantage. Just like how you can cause smaller planets and satellites to orbit around you bigger planets can do the same thing to you if you can get to close. While orbiting a bigger planet you can use this to your advantage to orbit to a certain point and then bounce out of the orbit to absorb another planet but it can also be your downfall as you may not be the only planet orbiting it meaning sometimes you have to avoid around several orbiting planets at once.

As you do progress through the game the levels do get harder, and there a large number of levels for the play to complete, but your skills also increase so you can match the challenges in skill.


Like the 'Bit Generation' version of this title you will only be required to use two buttons for control. With the game only requiring you to just use two buttons to control your planet the controls can prove to be frustrating, but isn't the fault of the game. One button is used for anti-gravity which repels you away from planets so you don't get caught orbiting around them or being pulled into them for your death. The other button causes gravity to occur which sees you being pulled into the closet planet which could lead you into orbit but if you have to much gravity you will go crashing into the planet.

Other than just using the two buttons the game doesn't really require much else from you and although the controls sound simple it will take you a while to actually master them.


Just like nearly everything else in the game the graphics are also very simple. Being nearly exactly the same of that in the Gameboy Advance version all you will see on screen is big black empty space with red planets for you to orbit around and blue planets for you to absorb.

The graphics also prove to be effective for the game as if they were much more advanced and more detailed it could prove distracting for the player and catch you off guard.

Having only simple graphics in the game does provide relaxation as it just makes everything seem simplistic in the game.


'Art Style: Orbient' also has simple sounds and enjoyable music. While repelling away from planets a certain sound will play and when using gravity another sound will play.

With only two main sounds occurring the game does contain peaceful mellow music which changes throughout the actual level itself when you gain satellites and planets to orbit around you.

Final comments

If you are looking for a relaxing title on WiiWare, that doesn't cost much, then 'Art Style: Orbient' is a game you should pick up. Containing many levels that are all simple and with simple controls, graphics and music this is a title from Nintendo that many missed out on Gameboy Advance and should pick up on WiiWare.

Pro: Concept of game, simple controls, music and gameplay enjoyable, many levels
Con: Some levels prove to be a bit frustrating
Final score: 8.5


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Boxart of Art Style: Orbient (WiiWare)
Platform: WiiWare
Genre: Action
Developer: Skip!
Publisher: Nintendo