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Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs brings all the mysteries, wilderness and variety of the world of dinosaurs to Nintendo DS. Featuring some of the best-ever 3D graphics for Nintendo DS, the game makes full use of intuitive controls for an outstanding and immersive gaming experience.

A player's objective in Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs is to fight and win against other dinosaurs using a unique and highly intuitive combat system based on dexterity and entirely controlled with the stylus. A multiplayer mode gives players the opportunity to fight against each other two ways: one-to-one Quickmatch or complete Tournament, with up to eight players!

In Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs, each player will have the opportunity to incarnate the dinosaur he prefers. Pick a favorite out of 26 different species, from the ravenous predator to the witty scavenger, and defend your territory in nine different maps, each with unique features and all-new threats. Customize your dinosaur using special eggs earned through victories in combat, earning new thorns, feathers and bones that will make yours the strongest dinosaur.


  • Experience an intuitive combat system based on a player's dexterity:
    • Adapt the level of difficulty to your choices.
    • Face a more difficult drawing to inflict more damage.
    • Launch deadly ultimate moves.
    • Feel the victory by throwing your opponent on destructible objects.
    • Win the fight and collect special eggs, unlocking customizable features!
  • Pick the dinosaur you prefer from 26 different species out of the 5 most popular families of dinosaurs: Ravenous predators, witty scavengers, horned territorials, mighty tanks and peaceful herbivores.
  • Customize your dinosaur:
    • Choose the color and pattern that you prefer.
    • Use your earned special eggs to add thorns, feathers and bones so your dinosaur becomes stronger, faster or tougher.
  • Challenge your friends. two multiplayer combat modes are available using Nintendo DSwireless capabilities:
    • Quick Combat Mode: two players head-to-head.
    • Tournament Mode: up to eight players.
  • Find water and food to keep your dinosaur healthy and be sure to heal its wounds after each fight.
Boxart of Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Action
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft