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From the creators of Purr Pals and Baby Pals comes Defendin' De Penguin - the first Real Time Strategy game on the Wii and DS primarily for children. Help our hero, Little Blue fend off hungry creatures that are eager to steal his town's fish supply. To thwart these hungry animals, you'll strategically place defense mechanisms throughout the town with each possessing unique strengths that are geared for specific animals. With the perfect combination of tower utilization, defensive placement, timing and strategy, Little Blue's food supply will be saved and you won't go home hungry.


  • The first real time strategy game geared for kids 12 and under for the Nintendo DS and Wii!
  • Use wits and strategy to defend your town from hungry invaders
  • Strategically choose from 8 different tower types to defend from incoming animals who are running amuck in your town
  • Utilize an array of environmental ammunition such as snowballs, ice cubes, icicles and frost to deter the enemy from invading Little Blue's town
  • Use our hero Little Blue to upgrade a tower, fish for money or retrieve special objects on the map
  • Upgrade your towers to increase attack range and strength as enemies increase in size, strength and smarts
  • Fend off a wide variety of hungry animals such as wooly mammoths, snow men, seals, snapping turtles and more!


  • Screenshot of Defendin' De Penguin (Nintendo DS)
  • Screenshot of Defendin' De Penguin (Nintendo DS)
  • Screenshot of Defendin' De Penguin (Nintendo DS)
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Boxart of Defendin' De Penguin (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Crave Games