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Enter the vibrant world of the Rain Drops and discover a fun and exciting adventure! Carefully time the movements and link them together as they burst into joy! Unlock special items and skills that will allow youto assist the Rain Drops on this magical journey, while gaining trophies and awards for your feats!


  • Three Different Game Modes To Challenge Your Skills - Choose from Mission, Endless and Battle mode, each with its own unique play styles and challenges.
  • Unlock And Collect Trophies For Your Vault - There are several different achievement trophies that you can unlock, creating new challenges and a great replay value.
  • Play With Friends In A Customizable Battle Mode - Challenge your friends in 5 different modes of play to see who can reunite the most Rain Drops.
  • Special Items And Power Ups - Use magical items such as the color wand and gravity to help boost your game.
Boxart of Rain Drops (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: UFO Interactive
Publisher: Tommo