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Block Breaker Deluxe is vastly enhanced and redone for WiiWare. This title is created to complement the Wii Remote, a motion sensing controller which allows the player to interact with the screen.

Block Breaker Deluxe is the best selling brick-breaking game, over 8 million copies sold, that has been vastly enhanced and improved for WiiWare. The longest, most feature-rich brick-breaker game created, the game is easy to navigate by moving the Wii Remote left and right to shift the pad and connect with the ball.


  • 50 levels, 8 locations and 3 game modes, allow for hours of endless play solo or with a group
  • Arena Mode- two players face off and attempt to destroy the most bricks. 2 pads appear on the screen with each person getting their own pad and ball.
  • Mini-games -mimicking a casino atmosphere, players have a chance to win extra cash by scoring in slots, poker and other Vegas style casino games.
Boxart of Block Breaker Deluxe (WiiWare)
Platform: WiiWare
Genre: Action
Developer: Gameloft