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Exodus... It all begun in 2036 with invention of The Drive. After nearly a century the humanity turned its eyes at the stars again. First the Moon and then Mars, so unwelcoming and mysterious, had to submit to mankind's expansion. Space became swarmed with shiny hulls of ships. Cosmos turned into an obsession. It was an everyman's dream to witness, at least once, extraterrestrial wonders. Whether it was the surface of the Silver Globe bruised with craters, or for many years, intriguing "human face" - Cydonia. The governments were competing with propaganda, promising the volunteers piles of gold and the glory of conquerors. Those who believed them mostly found tough, dangerous life and uncertain fate. However, they wouldn't back off.

When you want to penetrate the mysteries of Cosmos you need more than just sheer determination. Quickly it turned out how much we are dependent on machines that we create. So we built more - each bigger and more advanced than the previous. We designed metal giants in our own image - Shells. We considered them the finest tools in the history of craftsmanship.

The Fall Delighted with our creation, we disregarded teachings of history. After what happened, many theories that would allow us to prevent tragic events emerged. If we were that creative before, we might have saved thousands of innocent lives. We died instead, like the passengers of "Titanic", driven by our vanity. Ironically, our greatest and most promising undertaking - "New Hope" - turned into a flaming tomb for countless individuals.

The "New Hope" incident deprived us of delusions, we were far from perfection. We turned our backs on our children. Where the luminous, glimmering cosmic cities once stood, heaps of junk laid - the only remnants left by Shells. The fall of such a great idea affected our whole society. Never before were criminal records that high. Boredom and resignation overcame us. It was when the Corporation emerged, finding a niche on the entertainment market. Who would have thought that few, cheaply bought wrecks of Shells and the ruins of an old factory would start a madness not weaker than that of a couple of years back. Several convicts were offered freedom and money if they were to fight and win in front of the TV cameras. Quickly they have become the true heroes of our bored society.


  • Single player and Multiplayer modes.
  • Arcade mode with a separate Storyline for each of the robots characters.
  • Robot Customization.
  • Compelling mechanics (Rage, Rush, Power Triangle).
  • Special Attacks (push, stun and other unique abilities for each robot).
  • Robots allowed to fight with 3 weapons at the same time (two ranged and one melee).
  • 8 different robots.
  • 20 weapons.
  • 10 arenas.


  • Screenshot of Battle Rage: The Robot Wars (Wii)
  • Screenshot of Battle Rage: The Robot Wars (Wii)
  • Screenshot of Battle Rage: The Robot Wars (Wii)
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Boxart of Battle Rage: The Robot Wars (Wii)
Platform: Wii
Genre: Action
Developer: Destan Entertainment
Publisher: Data Design Interactive